Fly like a bird at FlyStation with Asta Travel

Dear friends!

We know that everybody dream to fly! Astra Travel can help your
dreams become true! Today we would like to tell you about new attraction
where our clients become like a birds flying in the sky.
Of course we mean Fly Station flying attraction.
It is an unique entertainment center where people can fly!
Everyone can feel the joy of flying and feel free from Earth's gravity.
What is it? FlyStation is one of the largest wind tunnel and the only freefall simulator in St.Petersburg, Russia.
Who can fly? If you are older than 4 years and your weight less than 120 kg - You are the person who can bring
the best dream in the world! To make your first flight in a wind tunnel FlyStation you do not need any special training.
It is a safe extreme!
You get the same feeling that when you jump with a parachute, but due to the design of the wind tunnel, engineers verified the notorious German precision flying it absolutely does not represent a heal.

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